Meal Planning

Plan plan plan!  Plan out what you plan to eat for the month, week or for the next couple of days. Make your grocery list, then hit the store. Make sure you are planning for all three meals AND snacks. You don’t want to eat great for breakfast and lunch then about 3pm need to […]

Build Your Roadmap to Your Fitness Goal

 Fitness goals are just like taking a trip.  You need to know how to get there.  You don’t get in your car and drive across the country for your family vacation without a map so why would you do the same with your fitness goals?  If you are serious about getting fit you will need […]

Drink More Water!

Water helps your body do EVERYTHING! It lubricates it and is needed for every major bodily process. Helps keep your digestion flowing Helps flush out toxins Keeps your system balanced Helps control hunger Helps keep your skin looking good You should drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day.  So, if you […]

Running & Fun

Running and fun are two words that rarely come out of my mouth in the same sentance.  Unless the word NOT is present.  However, today I did a 5K with some friends and had so much fun.  Yes I said it, I had fun running.  Now if you are sitting there thinking I actually ran […]