Big Girl Panties

Last Wednesday marked the final Cornerstone CrossFit class for me.  I had mixed feelings about it, I feel I’m ready for a real WOD but then again I’m worried that I won’t be able to do it.  I know how I am and sometimes my brain forgets that I’m not that 16 year old gymnast anymore and convinces me that I can do it.  My 40 something body gives it a go and then quickly reminds my brain that its 40 something and has been a couch potato for too many years and to STFU.  The arguments that go on in my head are rather comical and actually have made me laugh out loud at times to which I receive very strange looks.

Anyway…today I psyched myself up, put on my big girl panties and nervously headed off to work out.  This was sooooo not like Cornerstone.  The warmup, yeah not so much a warm up more like a freakin workout all by itself.  I now understand the t-shirts I’ve seen that say “My warmup was your workout”, and now I can laugh since I now GET IT.  Now for the workout…OMG!!!!!!  Seriously they were so easy on us in the Cornerstone class.  I think if I had done this a month ago, yeah they wouldn’t have seen me ever again, definitely a method to their madness cuz now I’m hooked.  Fortunately for me they did go slowly and let us get a taste of it and yeah now I’m hooked.  In only a month of this very modified workout I have lost several inches.  Let me say that again with feeling I HAVE LOST SEVERAL INCHES!!!!!! I can only imagine what these regular “Big Girl” (a term used by my Cornerstone workout buddy) workouts are gonna do to me…bring it on!

I have to shout out to my sister in law, Heather, thanks so much for pointing me in the direction of Cross Fit, cuz at the end of the day I may be tired, sore, and sweaty, but I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.  Also I wanna give a shout out to Mike and all the staff at CrossFit of Aces, y’all rock and you keep me pushing when I wanna quit.

Do you have a workout routine that keeps you moving and grooving?