Boot camp?!? At my age…

Haven’t posted in a while, but you know how life gets…   So yesterday several of my co-workers and I started boot camp.  Yes, as I sit here typing I am wondering where my brain was when we decided to do this.

I knew I was out of shape but I didn’t realize how the extent of it.  I huffed and puffed through the 4 laps around the gym in the beginning.  Was able to keep up with the cardio drills.  Who knew that something I learned in 1st grade would come back to haunt me, the dreaded bear crawl.  Ok Ok I know you are probably sitting there laughing but at my age and the shape I’m in the bear crawl should not be in the scope of things for me.  So anyway, bear crawl to the middle then stand up and jog the rest of the way back, easy enough right?  Well my body decided it was time to show me who was boss, yup you guessed it, down I went and I am now sporting a lovely bruise on my knee.

The skinny perky little blonde running the show decided it was time to go outside.  Ummm hello please? Does she not realize this is Texas and its freakin hot outside.  Well outside we went.  What was that she said?  Run? In this heat? Around the building?  Ok this chick is crazy or I’m hallucinating, did she really say that.  Now I’m feeling like a lemming as we all start to run, oh yeah I ran, for about 100 yards.  Walking is so much easier on the knees, so I was giving my knees a break, yeah right I’m just old and out of shape.  Well in the 10 minutes we had I managed to get around the building 3 times which was 3/4 of a mile.  Go me!

We did a bit of  stretching then headed in to see how many situps and pushups we could do in one minute.  I did ok I guess, 20 pushups and 10 situps.  Now for the funny part, did my pushups fine, turn over to do situps and in my head I’m thinking “I got this”.  Little did I know my body once again was gonna put the kubosh to my plans.  I was mortified!!! I couldn’t do one, after wasting precious seconds laughing I finally got my body to respond and up I went, got 10 done but boy was that hard.

At the end of the day… I got my butt up off the couch and started an exercise program to go along with the new eating habits (more on that later).  I’m proud of me!

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