Huffing & Puffing….But Not Dead!

Today marked the end of week two of boot camp and the halfway point.  I begrudgingly walked in thinking to myself “I could just turn around go back outside and head to Taco Bell”.  I didn’t I kept moving forward and into the gym talked to Hanna for a bit…of course about work….then started my laps around the gym for the warm up.  That warm up was the easiest part of the whole workout and I would have loved to have just kept doing laps and I HATE to do those laps.

Andy, the one that is funny and has seemed to be easy going, ain’t so easy going.  I think he took on Eric’s personality tonight, he was a ruthless taskmaster.  I do have to admit that if he didn’t push so hard I know me and I would definitely skimp on the leg up thingies.  Those leg up thingies are hell on your stomach, which is the whole point, but in the moment I want to strangle someone.

After some more of the ab work we went to do our stations.  Yup you guessed it outside we went.  I really don’t think they realize we are in Texas where it is 90+ degrees out and HUMID!!!!  What are these people thinking.  The three stations we had were killers tonight too.  Thank God we didn’t do this last week because I know I would have been dead by the end of the night and would have thought about never coming back.  Well after all the shoulder work with Andy, and the leg work with Judy, we got to get good and dirty with the damn tires again with Eric.  That man must love tire work.  The tire we had to flip was bigger than me…thanks Hanna…lol.

At the end of the day I may have jello legs and arms and may be sore tomorrow but as Eric said “it’s better to be sore than sorry”.  I had a great workout and actually right now I’m feeling pretty great and I’m so proud of us.  Ladies we have made it half way!