On the Road Again

Yesterday’s post had us preparing for our trip from Texas to Wisconsin. Today we are in the car on the way. The plan was to leave at 5 am but as with most family trips, 5 am became 8 am.

The boys and I were up most of the night finishing up our packing, making a trip to WalMart, and cooking up food that didn’t get eaten and freezing it. We only got about and hour of sleep before the hubster got up and was ready to hit the road.

Within twenty minutes of rolling out of the driveway my son was out cold. This was the way most of the day went. When they were awake they gt along great, not at all what I expected. I guess I’m used to the constant bickering but I guess they are maturing.
We made it through 12 hours of driving and only stopped 3 times for gas, food and bio breaks. The hotel bed is calling my name and I must answer.

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