Caution…Tired Grumpy Mom!

Have you ever woken up and wanted to post a sign like this on your door or around your neck for all to see?  If you haven’t then please let me in on your secret.  I really don’t remember waking up like this before I had kids, but since my oldest is 22 that is […]

Huffing & Puffing….But Not Dead!

Today marked the end of week two of boot camp and the halfway point.  I begrudgingly walked in thinking to myself “I could just turn around go back outside and head to Taco Bell”.  I didn’t I kept moving forward and into the gym talked to Hanna for a bit…of course about work….then started my […]

Boot Camp Week 2 – Not Dying Yet

We started week two of Judy’s Boot Camp last night, yes we came back!  Can you say exhaustion?   I was tired, no I was beyond tired but I kept going.  I would say this was by far the best workout I have had in a very long time and I may have been tired but […]

Boot camp?!? At my age…

Haven’t posted in a while, but you know how life gets…   So yesterday several of my co-workers and I started boot camp.  Yes, as I sit here typing I am wondering where my brain was when we decided to do this. I knew I was out of shape but I didn’t realize how the extent […]

Messy Burgers…aka Sloppy Joes

Messy Burgers My kids love Sloppy Joes, or should I say they love Messy Burgers.  My son changed the name when he was about 3.  You see to him anything on a bun was a burger, could be PB&J and it was a PB&J burger.  His introduction to the Sloppy Joe was a very messy […]

Delicioso! Last minute change of plans for dinner!

Tonight was supposed to be Sour Cream & Bacon Chicken,well not only did I forget to thaw out the chicken but I forgot to buy more sour cream.  Best laid plans and all I had to step back and punt.  Not that I’m in to making meal plans but I kind of Motormuseum get an […]

Cheesy Chicken and Rice…oh sooooooo good

Couldn’t decide what to cook tonight so my son looked through all my pinned food items and decided on this one.  So before leaving for the day I threw the chicken, soup, and onions in, set the crockpot to hi and off I went.  I came home to what smelled like my grandma cooking in […]

New Year – New Person in my mirror

  As I look in the mirror I’m just a bit puzzeled.  Who is that?  Why is she in my mirror?  Where am I?  I think “wow she could stand to loose a few pounds and lay off the ding dongs.”  Then it hits me like a ton of bricks… OMG THAT’S ME!.  I try […]

Discovery of the Inner Writer

I wouldn’t say that I’m a great writer but lately I have been reading a lot and something in me has awakened.  I used to Gallery write a lot when I was a kid, but I’m not sure why I got away from it.  Was it because I was focused on school? Most likely it […]