Pound Meltage

As promised here is what I’ve been doing to loose the extra weight I have gained over the last couple of years.  It really wasn’t hard and I’m amazed at how my body has responded.  To date I have lost almost 30 pounds.

The first thing I did was to cut way back on my soda intake.  I was drinking anywhere from a 6 pack to a 12 pack of Mountain Dew a day.  Did I really think I could loose any weight drinking all that Dew?  It would have been one thing if it were Diet Dew but no, it was full on packed with sugar and calories.  I cut back to one a day.  I knew cutting it out wouldn’t work for me because I would so get the lovely withdrawal headaches that come with cutting caffeine out of your diet.  The first week of cutting back to one a day I lost 7 pounds!  Was it all the water I was drinking?  Was it all that sugar I cut out?  I have no clue but I was going to keep going.

About a month later after watching “The Beautiful Truth“, I went through my pantry and bagged up anything and everything that was boxed, ie preprocessed.  This movie did a number on me and I made a decision that night to only by fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables.  I decided to make everything from scratch that I could.  This wasn’t a hard decision for me because I love to cook.  The problem was finding the time to make everything from scratch.  You see I work full time, have a house to run, 3 kids to deal with, and I write when I can, so where in the world was i going to find the time.

I had been pinning a lot of recipes and started really looking through them to find what I could make that wouldn’t take me very long.  A lot of the items I pinned had one thing in common, a crock pot.  I dug in the cabinet and pulled mine out and started using it the next day.  My son helped me decide what to fix, Cheesy Chicken and Rice.  It was so good and took me virtually no time at all.  This was only the beginning…

That night I went through all the recipes I had pinned and made sure to get them loaded into ZipList.  If you have tried it, you are missing one of the best tools ever!  Anyway, I sat there and figured out what I was going to make for dinner for the rest of the week added them to my shopping list.  After work the next day I went to the store bought everything I needed for the week.  I was off to the races at that point.  That was 3 months ago and almost 30 pounds later.

At the end of the day, I feel much better, I have more energy and I’m not putting all that crap into my body anymore.