Kids and Basic Preparedness

While scanning through Facebook this morning I came across a blog post that was shared from Modern Homesteaders, Five Things Every 12 Year Old Should Know.  The first point made me think about my 15 year old son and his lack of knowing where he is.  I can get him in the car drive 1 […]

The Things Kids Today Don’t Know

My friend came out of her office the other day completely dumbfounded.  “My daughter sent me a text asking where to put the stamp on the envelope” she told us still reeling from the question.  Her daughter had never had to mail a letter before, either she had done it for her or she used […]

Mothering Your Mother

Growing up I always thought my mom was invincible and that she could do anything.  In fact she could do just about anything she was my mom and my dad, my brownie leader, my 4-H leader, my taxi driver, and she mothered all the kids in the neighborhood.  She made the time to be room […]

Roses, Memories & Meatloaf

It’s strange how a scent can take you back to another place and time in the blink of an eye.  The smell of Avon’s Roses Roses always makes me smile and think of my grandmother.  As a kid I absolutely hated the smell of it and would wrinkle my nose and tell her so (yes […]