The Things Kids Today Don’t Know

My friend came out of her office the other day completely dumbfounded.  “My daughter sent me a text asking where to put the stamp on the envelope” she told us still reeling from the question.  Her daughter had never had to mail a letter before, either she had done it for her or she used email.  This got several of us talking about what our kids don’t know and how crazy we think that is.

Here is our list:

  1. How to address an envelope for snail mail and put the stamp on it.8 track
  2. What and encyclopedia is.
  3. How to dial a rotary telephone
  4. What a card catalog is
  5. How to roll down a car window with a rotary turner.
  6. How to load film into a camera
  7. Waiting until film is developed to see a picture you took
  8. What an 8 track is
  9. How to use a typewriter
  10. How to use a road atlas

There are many many more things that kids today don’t know how to do or what they are and the list gets longer each day.  It’s sad that our kids won’t experience some of these things.

IEncyclopaedias there anything that you think should be on this list?

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