Daylight Savings….WHY?!?!?!?


Today is a rant. Why do we still follow daylight savings? I get why it used to be done due to daylight hours getting shorter and longer depending on the time of year, but still in this day and age? Does it really reduce electricity use? I highly doubt it since every freaking light gets left on in my house (3 kids in the house will never reduce your light bill).

Why is it that losing one hour takes us a week or longer to recover from it? We know its coming, it comes every year, well for those of us lucky enough to live in an area that observes it. Why oh why don’t we plan accordingly? I will admit I am horrible when it comes to planning as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t happen Sunday morning at 2 am, it happens Sunday evening when I go to bed so instead of losing the hour during my day Sunday, I get to loose an hour of sleep. Isn’t that what everyone does? Well my husband will tell you that it isn’t the case, after all he is perfect and he plans ahead by setting his clock when he goes to bed on Saturday. Can you say overachiever? I’m kidding if it weren’t for him I would never know what the correct time was. Seriously his clock is always set right, mine however, an hour fast. Today it was the right time! Go me! Believe me though when I got to bed tonight I will be setting it an hour fast. Yes I am that person and yes I know its an hour fast but it helps me in some weird way it really does. I’m not a morning person so when I first wake up the clock tricks me, yes I’m not working on all cylinders at 6 am so the hour fast ensures I’m on time to work.

You know what a great idea would be?  If all clocks worked like my smart phone or my computer, it automatically changes the time you never have to do a thing.  You are up all night surfing the web, blogging, facebooking, whatever it is you do at 2:00 am (you know that you do it), and all of a sudden you look at the clock and its 3:00 am and your brain says “WTF how is it already 3:00 am, ok off to bed”.  You don’t stress over the hour you just think you have been doing whatever for an extra hour.  Ok am I grasping at straws here?  Really, for me if its out of my hands then I don’t think about it and just rock on.

Now that I’ve had my daily rant and because I’m tired from losing an hour I will leave you with a question.   How do you deal with Daylight Savings Time? If you feel like joining my rant feel free to use the comment section below to rant I would love to have some fellow ranters!