Mother Daughter Day

Yesterday my friend had a mommy daughter day (you can read about it here Daily Venting & Exclamations) and her pictures made me think about my daughter.  Since she moved out on her own last December we haven’t had very much time together without her dad or her brothers.  As I sit here thinking about it I think the last time was when Twilight New Moon came out.   So I’ve decided its past time to have another.  What should we do?  There aren’t a whole lot of new movies out that we want to see.  So what can we do? 

No matter what age your daughter is you can find things to do that both of you will have fun.  Ask her what she would like to do and brainstorm together.  Have fun with the process of planning your day together.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1.  Mani/Pedi at the local nail salon
2.  Breakfast or Lunch
3.  Dinner
4.  Go to the movies
5.  Rent some movies and get some snacks and have a movie night at home in your PJs
6.  Bake some cookies
7.  Cook a gourmet meal together
8.  Do some crafts
9.  Go shopping
10. Visit a museum
11. Play a game
12 Take a walk or if its raining…dance in the rain

 My daughter is 22 so just getting to spend time with her is hard to schedule.  We may not be able to spend a full day together but whatever time we have available I want to make the most of.  A way to do that is take her to lunch and making sure its not a loud restaurant so we can talk without having to talk over other people, music, etc.  At the end of the day the point is to spend quality time with your daughter and simply have fun.

What kind of things would or do you do for a mother daughter day?