Broken Butt?!?!?!

Still loving CrossFit and still doing well on the Lurong Paleo Challenge, however, tonight I literally broke my butt! Seriously I really did break my tailbone, and I’m sitting here dying laughing about it.  I know I know, its not funny, but really it is and I would pay good money to have a video of it.  Yup sick mind and all but it had to be a great fall.

So tonight I was doing one of the benchmark workouts for the Lurong Paleo Challenge and was doing great.  Rowed my first 500 meters, did my 12 dead lifts, then on to the 21 box jumps when disaster struck.  Ok not disaster thats a bit dramatic but hey it’s my story.  Have you ever tried to jump on a 12 inch box?  Looks super easy but looks can be deceiving!  I stood there looking at the box and the box looking back at me it was a stare down.  I swung my arms as though I was going to jump, but it was only pretend, ok I give I chickened out, are you happy?  Anyway I backed away then walked back up and told myself I could do it, its only a box what harm could it do.  Of course at this point I ran all the could happens through my head, I could jump over the box, I could jump and not actually make it onto the box and look like an idiot.  I told my brain to shut up and just focus and do this, the clock it ticking.  Yes this is for time and I’m arguing in my head about jumping on a damn box.

I took a deep breath and jumped.  Did I mention closing my eyes?  No, well I closed my eyes, don’t ask me why.  As my feet landed on the box I was excited and opened my eyes and at that point I felt myself going backwards and all I could think of was “Oh shit this is gonna hurt” and I’m sure that “OH SHIT” came flying out of my mouth at that point.  I threw my arms out in front of me, since that’s what I was taught, didn’t want a broken wrist, elbow, or arm, when I felt it, yup hit the floor tailbone first.  I looked up and saw one of the trainers there and I got up and asked him if there was a trick to doing those damn things.  So he did one for me, yup still looks easy, so I walk up to it and get ready to try again.  Did I mention my ass and back hurting like hell?  Just before I try again Allana tells me to modify and just do step ups, I sooooooooo love her at this moment in time.  So step ups it is.  Well I finished the work out all 4 rounds and 18:59 and that was with a fall, being shown how to do it, and hurting like hell.  I pushed through and did it.  Yes I’m very proud of me.  At the end of the day its not a good idea to wear tennis shoes with shocks since those shocks will propel your ass right off of a box.  Yes new shoes with flat soles ordered tonight!

Have you ever had a night like this where you tried something, had a failed moment but continued on?