Caution…Tired Grumpy Mom!

Have you ever woken up and wanted to post a sign like this on your door or around your neck for all to see?  If you haven’t then please let me in on your secret.  I really don’t remember waking up like this before I had kids, but since my oldest is 22 that is a long time to think back on.  Well yesterday was one such day…

I woke up to my husband flipping the light on to get dressed and yep you guessed it, immediate irritation.  I’m still trying to figure out why he can’t get dressed in the dark but I digress.  I looked at the clock and realized I could go back to sleep for about 30 minutes, so I pulled the covers over my head and did precisely that.  Two seconds later the alarm started blaring.  Yes that is an exaggeration but it really felt like 2 seconds.  So irritation and grumpiness? Oh yeah turned on full blast and I haven’t even had to deal with my boys yet!

Jumping in the shower woke me up a bit more but the tiredness and the irritation and the grumpiness didn’t subside.  Once I was ready for work I grab my keys, my purse and my morning vitamin mineral drink and was out the door.  I made it to the end of the street when I realized I didn’t have my stuff for boot camp or the work I had brought home with me.  After a few choice words I turned around in one of the neighbor’s driveway only to be even more irritated because I noticed how pretty their yard looked.  Why can’t mine be so pretty?  Made it back to my house to retrieve the items I needed and back out to the car.  Irritation level?  Off the charts and I still haven’t seen any of my children!

Once I got to work my day got no better, sometimes I feel like these people are more immature and more needy than my children.  I definitely need this sign for my office.  I tried to keep a low profile and only talk to the women in my group because who knows what could have happened otherwise.  I made it through the day with several eye rolls and biting my tongue only to get ready for boot camp.

Today was the start of week 3 of boot camp.  I’m amazed I have made it this far, I think if it weren’t for Hanna and Veronica I would have stopped during the first week.  I was dreading this workout all the way to the gym.  We were doing PT testing to see who could move into the advanced class.  Seriously I can’t make it through a normal class I will surely die if I try the advanced class.  It was a hard workout and the testing proved to me that its been working.  I did much better than the first week and my clothes have been fitting differently.  Dead dog tired now I make it to my car and head home actually not feeling so grumpy.  Maybe those that say exercise makes you feel better are right.  I’m tired but actually do feel better, but I haven’t made it home to face my children, that will be the real test.

I was dreading walking in the door but did because I needed a shower after that workout.  I walked in expecting to hear “Mom whats for dinner?” but was only got “Hi mom”.   Wow who are you and what did you do with my boys?  Of course the youngest was busy playing XBox and the older one was sitting on the couch texting and watching his brother play.  I quickly let them know they were on their own for dinner and that I was getting in the tub and once again I got a shock when they both simultaneously said “Ok”.  Is that sign around my neck?  Have my boys finally gotten in tune with me?  I don’t know the answer and I’m leaving well enough alone, since they actually let me go in and soak in the tub for and hour….yes an hour!

Maybe they were too busy, maybe they realized my mood, or maybe they just bugged their dad.    But at the end of the day this tired grumpy mom was able to relax in a nice hot bath and just let the annoyances of the day go down the drain with the water.