New Year – New Person in my mirror


As I look in the mirror I’m just a bit puzzeled.  Who is that?  Why is she in my mirror?  Where am I?  I think “wow she could stand to loose a few pounds and lay off the ding dongs.”  Then it hits me like a ton of bricks… OMG THAT’S ME!.  I try to recollect when this happened…surely it wasn’t there yesterday.  Have I been that oblivious to my body and how it has changed or have I just become fat and happy?  After 22 years of marriage, 3 kids, several dogs, hampsters, and a few fish I am finally seeing me I guess.  My oldest just moved out, my middle son is fixin to graduate from high school and my youngest is getting ready for high school.  I guess it is time to look at me again.  As I look at this stranger in the mirror I don’t much care for what I see.  So today I have decided to find me again, because that person staring back at me in the mirror…SHE IS NOT ME!

It just so happens I open my email to see something from WW…omg is someone from WW watching my mirror?  Naw probably not, its just great marketing timing with everyone making New Year’s resolutions and such.  Is that what this is?  Is this merely me decided to make a resolution?  No this is me being completely disgusted with that person in my mirror.  So I click the link in the email and find myself at the familiar site and wonder why its been so long since I’ve been here.  Yes been there done that…but that was only to loose a few pounds.  As I look over at the scale I shudder at what that number will be.  Yes I haven’t stepped on it yet, it scares me.  Last time I stepped on it I had been loosing weight and feeling great and the number that flashed up for me was not great but not horrible, but that woman wasn’t in my mirror.

Ok, deep breath, and I close my eyes and step on it.  I listen for all the beeps to stop then another deep breath and I open my eyes and look down.  Ok that’s wrong, it needs to be reset.  Ok lets try this again, eyes closed step on it, beeps stop, open eyes and look down NO!!!!!!