Daylight Savings….WHY?!?!?!?

Today is a rant. Why do we still follow daylight savings? I get why it used to be done due to daylight hours getting shorter and longer depending on the time of year, but still in this day and age? Does it really reduce electricity use? I highly doubt it since every freaking light gets […]

The Things Kids Today Don’t Know

My friend came out of her office the other day completely dumbfounded.  “My daughter sent me a text asking where to put the stamp on the envelope” she told us still reeling from the question.  Her daughter had never had to mail a letter before, either she had done it for her or she used […]

Mothering Your Mother

Growing up I always thought my mom was invincible and that she could do anything.  In fact she could do just about anything she was my mom and my dad, my brownie leader, my 4-H leader, my taxi driver, and she mothered all the kids in the neighborhood.  She made the time to be room […]

Roses, Memories & Meatloaf

It’s strange how a scent can take you back to another place and time in the blink of an eye.  The smell of Avon’s Roses Roses always makes me smile and think of my grandmother.  As a kid I absolutely hated the smell of it and would wrinkle my nose and tell her so (yes […]

Are You Prepared?

Tonight has been one hell of a night.  I tried to get home from work and my street was blocked with firetrucks, firemen, and tons of people.  Our neighbor’s house caught fire and the back of the house burned.  Fortunately no one was hurt and only things were lost.  Helping them retrieve items from their […]

1 Down, 7 To Go

It’s the end of the first week of my 8 week Paleo Challenge and all in all I’ve done well.  So far my husband and kids haven’t had an issue with any of the menus.  They haven’t really noticed the missing grains or dairy.  Sugar hasn’t been an issue since we did away with it […]

Paleo Challenge Time!

Well it’s almost 2:30 am here and I’m still awake planning my meals for the week!  WTH?!?!  I have to work tomorrow and I’m still sitting here laptop teetering on the arm of the couch.  I’m trying to figure out who is going to be here and who isn’t and their likes and dislikes…ummmm wait […]

Mother Daughter Day

Yesterday my friend had a mommy daughter day (you can read about it here Daily Venting & Exclamations) and her pictures made me think about my daughter.  Since she moved out on her own last December we haven’t had very much time together without her dad or her brothers.  As I sit here thinking about […]

Comfort Food

My post from yesterday (Bringing Back the 70’s) and getting ready for another Paleo challenge has me thinking about comfort food.  Good thing the challenge is starting after the holidays because all but one of my comfort foods is a no no when eating a Paleo Diet.  Mac and cheese, potato soup, oatmeal, and mashed […]

Bringing Back the 70’s

Recently saw the question ‘If you could bring back something what would it be?’ and it got me thinking.  What would I bring back?  Now don’t laugh but I would bring back the 70’s.  The music, the carefree days of my childhood and yes even the fashion. I was a child in the 70’s but […]